Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shortcake With A Spin

One of the best desserts of the season is shortcake. There's some magical about combining a buttery shortcake with any kind of fruit.A  spin on this is one with fresh peaches. Together the flavors are just wonderful - edspecially drenched with fresh cream.

Peach shortcake was the subject of Melissa Clark's A Good Appetite column in yesterday's New York Times Dining section.She had added the spin of brandied peaches for a different take on the usual strawberry. Hers is a simple scratch recipe for the shortcake  involving brown sugar for an earthier flavor along with heavy cream and butter. She emphasizes the butter flavor again by brushing meted butter along with sugar on the tops of the unbaked short cake rounds.

Instead of going with strawberries. Ms Clark usues warm brandied peaches. You can also use just freshly cut peaches too however the cooked ones added an extra filip of sophistication. She cooks these in a mix of brandy or bourbon and more brown sugar.The peaches are only warmed until their juices are released . They are then layered on the rounds and doused with the heavy creams.You could also try this with nectarines or canned peaches too.
There's nothing like cake with fresh fruit. this is a more soyumyyyyyyyyyy

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