Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Healthy Summer Eating

With July 4th tomorrow , the official summer eating season is now on. It's a time to enjoy farm fresh friit and veggies. Yet most people get sloppy about their diets. After al lit's too hot. High fat  and, overly sweet convenience foods are easy to prepare and eat. Yet this is the time to stay healthy especially when temps spike.

The most important thing to do during this heat is stay hydrated.It's so easy to reach for a refreshing glass of icy soda but 'it's loaded with calories and sugar. The same for all those frosty, cream and candy topped  coffees. Stay away from them. Water is the best , followed by unsweetened iced tea and fresh fruit juices, As for snacks again stay away from the salty stuff like chips and fries. Stick with veggie or fruit bits .If you wnat a dip, then  try Greek yogurt.It's thick and creamy but without the calories of a regukar sour cream spread//.

For main meals think salads. This is the time of year to have fun with them , mixing different veggies. If you want protein then add lean meats such as salmon, tuna, chicken or turkey. Tossing in a few hard boiled eggs is fine too . As for dressings, stay away from the creamy ones such as Russian, Thousand Island and French. Instead opt for the lighter and airier vinaigrette or a low calorie Italian. Use these too in potato and macaroni salads for a healthier  twist instead of heavy  mayonnaise. Barbecued meats can be left plain without the heavy sugary sauces. Think about brushing olive oil and lemon or lime them for a crispier xrust,

This summer season eat light. Heavy foods and heat don;t mix. If you want to feel better then go for low calorie fare that won't leave you  stuffed and bloated. Go for the healthier foods such as fruits and veggies. You'll feel better and enjoy the warm weather much more.

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