Friday, July 20, 2012

Healthy Office Eating

Where's the one place where you can gain the most weight? Your office.Thanks to a combo of boredom, nerves and every kind of food available your cubicle or office becomes a buffet .Unfortunately ,it 's usually the wrong kind,full of sugar and salt not to mention fat and empty calories . How to avoid those workplace pounds? Eat healthy. Saying that is easier than doing it.Any office starts the day off with yummy glazed doughnuts or cream cheese topped bagels.Thera 's usually so e one's birthday or shower to celebrate and that means gooey , rich cake.Forget the lunches or snacks that involve every bad ingredient possible. A healthy way to start the work day is opting for a whole grain or pumpernickel bagel with a low calorie cream cheese if your office has it.Some offices will start their meetings off with these along with fresh fruit and cottage cheese.Have a few pieces with a scoop of the cottage cheese. As for lunches ,opt for light like grilled chicken and salad.Skip the sandwiches and go for the wraps along with again ,fresh fruit. Office snacks and parties will always ruin your waistline. Snack machines offer All sorts of varieties of chips and sweets along with the ubiquitous soda and ice cream machines. The best bet is bringing sandwich baggies of almonds ,fruit chunks and veggie pieces. These will keep you full but without all the extra bad stuff. You can even add some Greek yogurt mixed with lemon or lime along with herbs.This makes a nice dipping sauce and also a great source of calcium.Another great carry along snack is the Back To Nature crackers or cookies.These don't have all those artificial ingredients and less calories.As for birthday parties , think about a wafer thin slice as opposed to a slab.Another idea is one of those fruit arrangements in the shape of a cake.It's just as festive but without all that sugar. Eating healthy at the office can be a tricky job. Yet it can be done with the right foods. You just have to work at it and you'll have healthy workplace eating habits.

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