Saturday, July 7, 2012

Food Pantry in The Summer

Even though it's warm outside there's still a need for food pantries across the country. Poverty and the need for food doesn't just go away in summer and come back in winter. There are families across the US that still need decent, home cooked meals no matter what the temperature is. They need fresh ingredients for  healthy living.

What are some of the items that can go to a food pantry now? Cases of bottled water are always needed. Everyone from the young to the elderly need hydration especially when the weather has been scorching as it has been  in the big cities like New York and Chicago as of late.Also fruit ades would be appreciated as are fresh lemons and limes for making those drinks. Easy to prepare ingredients such as greens as veggies help as well. For anyone running  a farm stand or small farm , think about donating some of your crop to your local town or church food bank. The same stands for fresh fruits too. These are much better than sugary snacks.

Other donation ideas are breads and low sodium cold cuts to make sandwiches for picnics or just to create an easy lunch or dinner.If any butcher or owner of a poultry farm or fish market reads this then think about giving some of your meats too to local food banks. Cold cuts are great but fresh meat and fish is a better warm weather diet.Poultry farmers, if they can also donate eggs, do so . These are always wanted and a good source of protein. Everyone else should alos give boxes of the basics such as rice and pasta. These can be mixed with meats and veggies to create a tasty meal that can be stretched out for days or just simply frozen.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean that the food pantries close down. Hunger and poverty happen all year round.Remember that when you go food shopping now. Add something extra for those who need it to your cart or wagon.

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