Monday, July 9, 2012

Exotic Sides for Summer

Summer's eating can be transformed into an exotic adventure just by switching up your side dishes. Instead of the usual macaroni salads and slaws , try other dishes such as bulgur or couscous. You can also make variations of salads using atypical veggies too, It's a fun departure from the usual picnic table or backyard barbecue fare.

Bulgur is popular in Middle Eastern cultures.It can be eaten hot or cold and makes a perfect foil for fresh veggies. Cook some and chill it. Add  some farm fresh sliced tomatoes and onions along mint and lemon  to it for an exotic side.Another variation is adding some green onions to it and garbanzo beans along with cilantro and olive oil. Serve alongside of lamb or beef kabobs.Couscous also makes for an adventurous side dish. It is basically like rice and has a slightly  nutty flavor. You can make a savory side using again tomatoes and green peppers .Made this way it would be good with any grilled meat. You can also add dried peaches , raisins and almonds as a bed for grilled  chicken or skewered chicken

Varying salad ingredients will also add flair and a hint of  the exotic to your summer picnic, Try Asian pear (which can be bought at most Asian based grocery stores) .It can be sliced into strips and served with a tangy orange vinaigrette and almonds. This is a perfect dish for any seafood such as grilled salmon or shrimp kabobs.Garbanzo beans , usually mashed for hummus are excellent in salads that are loaed with scallions and cilantro. Dress with a light Italian dressing and serve with burtgers or sausage sandwiches,

Exotic sides makes for amore interesting summer meal. Try something with a Middle Eastern flavor or Asisan flair for some interesting dishes. They will liven up any warm weather lunch or dinner.

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