Friday, July 27, 2012

Celebrate The 2012 London Games

The whole world has their eyes on London for the next few weeks. This is where history is going to happen along with international comraderie and bonhomie. It's also the place for letting English cuisine and the new wave of British cooking shine. Tradition along with the new will compete for the best dishes.

English food has long had a bead reputation. Yet some of the best beef has come out of the United Kingdom as it has since the 1800's. A traditional and easy dish celebrating this is Yorkshire pudding which is a kind of buttery popover served with the most British of meals the Sunday roast. Gravy is poured over this delicious bread along with thick slabs of roast beef. The English also love their poultry as well and Christmas tables have b een groaning with large turkeys and geese since the Hanoverian rule of the 1700's. Of course there is the working class favorite, fish and chips. This is a yummy deep fried fish , usually plaice in a beer batter accompanied by crispy fries or chips as the Limeys call them.

Tradition has grown into top haute cuisine. During the last two decades the UK has provided the world with some of the best chefs.There is Jamie Oliver who has also crusaded for healthy eating in both British and American cuisines. He has redefined cooking, going for a simple route to making elaborate dishes.. Nigella Lawson , another great cook also has updated classics such as sticky pudding along with that wonderful cheesy dish Welsh rarebit. Of course there is Gordon Ramsay the kitchen bad boy but who has also has some interesting seafood and poultry recipes along with a spicy take on the American dessert classic Bananas Forster.

Celebrate the London Games with British food. There are some good dishes from beef to pudding from fish and chips to Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

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