Friday, July 13, 2012

Apple Update

Is there anything more perfect than an apple.It's not only sweet and delicious  but full of vitamins and antioxidants. Unfortunately there are some people who don't think that way . They want to alter and genetically change it? Why? Because after millennia of being accepted the way it is , scientists want it to improve it.

This was the subject of an article in today's New York Times Business section. The piece written by Andrew Pollack tells of scientists want to create an apple that doesn't spoil. Doing this requires genetic modification. On one level it would be perfect. People usually buy only one or two apples nowadays for fear of buying several will result in rotten fruit. An apple that keeps its'' freshness means more shoppers will buy more of the fruit, Since apple sales have fallen in the past few years this is a boon to the industry.

Yet it raises the question of genetic alteration. Despite this(and let's face it every kind of food stuff either gets stale or turns brown) the apple is fine left alone. Alter the fruit does change its' taste. it loses that sweet mellowness that makes it tasty. The same is becoming true with corn. There are now varieties of corn that have had their gene sequence rearranged. It results in a super maize however it also makes for a relatively tasteless ear. This is also happening with some strains of squash and tomatoes. These supposedly have a stronger flavor plus more antioxidants in them. I'd like to taste test them to believe these claims.

Should we allow our food to be tampered with? Personally no. I think our fruits and veggies are fine the way they are. I prefer my apples. at 2.0 not 9.0

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