Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vegas Dining

Most people will visit Las Vegas this summer - not for the gambling but for the .dining. It seems Sin |City is not known just for The Strip but for its' strips of fine beef along with top quality restaurants and chefs. The question is is Las Vegas dining as good as eating in LA, Chicago or even New York?

This was the question in two articles in todays New York Times Dining section. The respective pieces were written by the great Julian Moskin and newcomer Adam Nagourney. Ms. Moskin covers the new food book that features Vegas restaurants. The eateries form casino hot spots to trendy food trucks are rated by the unholy yet trendy trio of Al Mancini, John Curtis and Max Jacobson, They , especially Mancini have tasted and tried most of the hottest and newest foods trending in Sin City these days. The book is entitled "Eating Las Vegas:The 50 Essential restaurant" It's a must have for anyone who will be visiting the city  this summer.

Mr . Nagourney's article concerns itself with one particular neighborhood restaurant,Blue Ribbon Sushi, that branched itself out to the Strip, He laments that it went a little too Vegas. What used to be a great sushi place wirh reasonable prices went monster once it hit Casino Row, He finds that restauranteurs change their menus as soon as  they go Vegas to attract the high rollers. The food has to be cooked flamboyantly and offer a lot . This is done in order to grab in people who would rather spend their money on roulette wheels or cheesy entertainment venues,A restaurant has to outdo itself in order to survive. However , like anything else that hits Sin City it loses its' soul and integrity.

Las Vegas Dining is a big deal. People visiting there this summer should have at least one great restaurant experience. Howe4ver be warned for those vising branches of their favorite eateries , there's going to be a change  .They'll be big and showy  - much like the city itself.

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