Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sticking To A Summer Diet

It's hard to stick to a diet and surprisingly it's worse in the summer. Why? We usually surrounded by fresh fruit and veggies. Yet our favorite places from beach to carnival are full of sweet or fatty treats. They're sometimes worse than all those wintry holiday foods. Luckily we do have all that fresh warm weather produce to counter balance those "bad" but  fun summer foods.

If you do have a bad week of splurging, then go straight back to healthy eating . All that summer food is fun and meant to be . Carry that idea to your diet to make all those good foods more attractive. Kabobs are always fun and you can have them fresh or grilled. A popular mix would be a low cal mozzarella, tomatoes, onions and peppers chunks interlaced on a skewer r . You can also add celery and carrot slices for color and crunch. A grilled skewer is also fun and tasty. Here you can add low cal meats such as shrimp or chicken chunks along with the veggies for a yummy dinner. Want fun sliders like what you'd get at out door movies? Try turkey burgers with turkey bacon for a healthier spin on the classic drive in  nibble. Serve with baked french fries or sweet potato fries.

The summer is full of sweet treats like boardwalk fudge and candy apples. These can add inches to any bikini waistline . If you really crave a boardwalk sweet then go for chocolate covered strawberries. You can buy these or make them at home. Use farm fresh strawberries and dark chocolate. The combo is chock full of Vitamin C and and antioxidants .They're sinful while being good Another treat is farm fresh peaches -not with fattening cream but with creamy good for you Greek yogurt.Slice up one or two peaches and mix with the  yogurt for a delicious dessert. Sprinkle on ginger for some bite  if you want.Another treat is fresh fruit juice over shaved ice.This is better than any Sno Cone or Italian ice.

Summer foods can be fun however make sure they're also healthy. Take advantage of the season and incorporate fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. You'll not only stick to it, you 'll look forward to eating these good for you treats instead of the carnival and boardwalk ones!

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