Friday, June 22, 2012

Pouch Generation

There may be a whole generation of up and coming foodies that have been weaned on a pouch, Yes a pouch instead of a bottle. Little ones today are now clamoring for them thanks to parents who don't want to be bothered with jars or cooking toddler food themselves.

This was the topic of an article in yesterday's New York Times Home section which is usually reserved for decorating gardening and remodeling. (why it was in there and not Wednesday's Dining section is a mystery to me). The piece written by by father and user of the pouch "diet" is Matt Richter tells of baby food classics are being squeezed  into pouches. These are good for  both tots and parents. The containers can easily fit into a little one's tiny hands and can be sucked on like a sippy cup. Parents love them because they're easy to tote and they don't create as much mess an an opened jar of baby food.

How is the food though?? There are so many different varieties and they;re all chock full of nutrition. Standard brands like Gerber and privately owned artisanal Plum Organics. The flavors are toddler friendly with such blends as  banana blueberry and peach mango.. Some have the extra boost of veggies such as spinach and carrots added in.As for the mushiness - kids love the squishiness better than sometimes hard to manage veggie and fruit bits. That's how Plum Organics started when co founders Neil Grimmer and his wife Tana Johnson  noticed their daughters not eating their fruit pieces. The girls liked the food better when the food was pureed and easily slurped down.

As for Mr Richter? it seems his daughter , Mirabel is going to be part of this new pouch generation, She already likes her food squishy and easily gulpable. Does it say  alot  for this upcoming generation of foodies. It sure does. There may be a time when dim sum and chateau Briand may be pulverized and served in a pouch!

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