Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Slaw Laws

Summer is the time for all sorts of salads. The best and probably most beloved is cole slaw,  shredded green cabbage heaped with mayo and various herbs and spices. Yet there is a change in the air. Cole slaw is not that boring relic from mid century American picnics,. In fact's its' being shaken up and tossed in the forefront of American barbecue fare.

Traditional cole slaw is made with shredded cabbage, mayo, vinegar along with sugar to bring out the cabbage's sweetness, This is fine if you want to have a classic picnic or outdoor grill dinner. After all it does make a wonderful side to any burger or ribs. Some people add shredded carrot to give a boost of color, Amp up the flavor with adding chopped cilantro or even freshly picked shredded mint leaves.Another idea is tossing in a tablespoon of celery seeds or dried tarragon. This imparts a mellow flavor and compliments the cabbage quite well.

Of course there's mixing up the recipe completely. Instead of using green cabbage try red. You can then make a tangy vinaigrette dressing instead of going the traditional mayo route. Again toss in cilantro for bite but sweeten it with honey or maple syrup in the oil and vinegar mix. Try a  sliced or chopped red onion to give the slaw more depth,Many use red cabbage in an Asian style slaw that includes ginger and scallions along with sesame oil and fresh hot ginger. Brown sugar is also thrown in to soothe down the fieriness. This is the perfect side to ribs or even a juicy fire grilled steak.

Cole slaw is the classic American barbecue or picnic side. Amp it up a bit by going wild with the ingredients. A new version of slaw will add zing to your outdoor eating!

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