Thursday, June 7, 2012

Green Season

Now that summer is more or less officially here, it's time to take advantage of the produce of the season. Both Dave Tanis and Melissa Clark have done just this. Their respective columns City Kitchen and A Good Appetite in yesterday's New York Times Dining section reflect the produce now being sold at farm stands and farmer's markets throughout the country.

Dave Tanis celebrates the season with green gnocchi. The famed Northern Italian dumplings are usually a winter dish served with tomato sauce . However he mixes them up with a green pea sauce. Made with fresh spring peas sage, leeks along with garlic and Pecorino cheese,It's basically a sage butter sauce, with the sweetness of the peas and sharpness of the leeks. He also includes the recipe for homemade gnocchi which are easily made with Yukon Gold potatoes. These have some oomph to them thanks to Mr , Tanis adding nutmeg and garlic to them.

Of course he can also try the gnocchi with a garlicky salsa verde (which probably is often served in Northern Italy) that Melissa Clark made for her A Good Appetite column, Right now is green garlic season and she writes about it.Unlike regular garlic, they look more like leeks and sold in bunches. It can be used at any stage. The  stalks can be made like scallions and are good in soups dips and dressings The more mature cloves are great in anything from sauces to studding roasts. It works well in the fresh and verdant tasting salsa verde which Ms Clark uses as a sauce for seared pork chops. This can also be used for chicken, beef, fish or even a crusty toasted Italian or French bread.

This is the season for fresh green produce. These recipes prove it with fresh green peas and green garlic. Try these recipes or make up your own with these good greens of the season

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