Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Foods For A Summer Cold And Virus

Colds and viruses really don;t have a seasonal agenda. They come whether it''s ten degrees and snowy or ninety degrees and balmy. However the comfort foods that work in winter can be a pain to make in the summer. What to do? Reformulate the recipe so that it 's easy to make during sweltering days.

Soup is a must when you don;t feel well. Of course, you can open a can and heat it up which is the easy way to make this sick day classic. You can also just make an easy broth  with just a bouillon cube with water. Add egg for some protein or mild veggies such as carrots and celery for more flavor. Throw in some bread crumbs to make the Piemontese specialty pompeist . Another add in is orzo or tubetini, the tiny beadlike pasta.

Summer sickness means avoiding all those barbecue sauce laden meats and mayo drenched sides. If you;re up to it, think about a grilled chicken on just plain, buttered toast. Even a plain hamburger can be good for its; protein.Just don;t load it up with special sauce or pickles along with onions that might be too strong.Kabobs are a fun way to tempt a flagging appetite. These are perfect nibbles when all you feel like is just small bites. As for salads stick to just a regular garden one that has tomatoes and olives in it, Too much of raw veggies such as broccoli or cauliflower may upset an already roiled stomach.Keep the dressings light. Try a vinaigrette instead of a creamy and dense Russian, French or Thousand Island kind.

Colds and viruses come no matter what the season. They're worse in summer when the eating is fun and there are plenty of good food. Keep it simple to get through this rough period.Light meals are the way to go during a summer cold or virus.

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