Friday, June 1, 2012

Food Police Alert!

Do we need our elected officials telling us what to drink and eat along with how much? It seems that way with New Yorkers and their mayor. Mike Bloomberg wants to ban supersize drinks. That's right the sixteen ounce biggie cups and Slurpees may be a thing of the past in the city and its' boroughs if the Manhattan politico gas his way.

Is this right? Do we need officials banning and controlling what we have to eat and drink? The answer is no. As much as I don't approve of  anyone guzzling down huge amounts of any sweet , high fructose drink I still believe they have the freedom to drink them. After all its' their stomach and other organs that will be compromised not the mayor's. It's not like smoking where there is second hand smoke that could harm others.Drinking a fructose based drink is not like consuming large amounts of alcohol which potentially could be a threat to bothothers and the drinker.The problem is that we did have one prohibition and we all know how that worked out. Not well. Another Volstead Act cannot be enforced. It will only lead to trouble.

The Mayor also wants to ban doughnuts as well. This again will cause another hue and cry amongst New Yorkers and tourists visiting the city. The next step will be closing down the famed Magnolia Bakery in Soho because it sells sugary (and actually not that delicious or well baked) cupcakes and cookies. Will there be a ban on Pinkberry's? Or what about Rocco's on South Bleeker? Will cannolis be  as illegal as crystal meth in the city? What the mayor should go after are those hot dog and shish kabob trucks that have questionable cooking equipment. He would save a lot of people the agony of food poisoning if he did that.

Banning  big sugary drinks will not decrease New York's obesity problem. It really is up to the individual  not the mayor . What people eat is their business  - not their elected officials.

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