Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dad Food

With Father’s Day tomorrow Dad deserves that special cuisine know as guy food. This ain’t your mom’s frilly watercress sandwich. This is hearty , meaty and artery clogging grub. Yet it’s the perfect fare for celebrating any dad - especially one who loves to eat - and all the wrong things too.

A good guy grub dinner is usually anything flame broiled (read charred and sometimes burned). There’s nothing like a juicy steak or ribs. Most men either like their grilled grub plain with just a sprinkling of salt and pepper or with a fiery hot sauce.. The same applies to ribs although there’s nothing like them with a tangy sauce . You can make one using bourbon whiskey (what else?) This involves tomato paste, ketchup and molasses along with liquid smoke for heat. It also has the bourbon along with apple cider vinegar for bite.Burgers are also a must but make them man sized using a quarter pound of beef. Make it juicier by putting a ball of garlic or onion butter in the center of each patty.

Men will not eat salads . That;s just a fact. The best side is a baked potato. These can be decadent with a ton of butter and sour cream heaped on them or diet with just a sprinkling of dried herbs. For hungrier dads, melted cheddar plain or mixed with chili is another potato topping that’s both hearty and tasty. As for dessert think cupcakes made with stout or beer.(There are several recipes you can download on the web) along with a liquor loaded icing. For more taste sprinkle bacon bits on top. This should satisfy any sweet tooth.

Let dad eat what he wants for his special day. There’s nothing like a big juicy steak or bacon burnger washed down with beer. Followed by more beer battered cup0 cakes.Give him a decadent meal of man food . He’ll think it’s the best gift ever!

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