Monday, May 7, 2012

Winging It

What do you do when there's a mish mosh of ingredients in the house? Improvise? Sometimes the wildest mixes lend them selves in creating the tastiest dishes.A box of rice and some sliced veggies along with leftover meat can create a satisfying lunch or dinner.

When you're foraging for stuff to make for a meal start at the base. This is usually any kind of pasta rice or even bread. You can always make a yummy dish just by using spaghetti. or even Rice Roni . Bread can serve as a base for hot sandwiches such as  grilled cheese or even a savory bread pudding.It have a box of whole wheat pasta along with brown rice an brown bread available.The next is have some fresh veggies for impromptu sauces  Sliced peppers and tomatoes along with cauliflower and broccoli make for some nice sauces or add ins. Try thinking outside the salad bowl when whipping up salads. Use potatoes for texture and flavor or . try a hot broccoli rabe salad with orzo.

Any kind of meats will do for winging it in the kitchen. You can use a wide variety from hot dogs to meat balls to leftovers. Hot dogs can be cut up and added as a tasty addition to baked mac and cheese. Meatballs make a good hot sub even better.Leftover roast beef and chicken can be sliced up for anything from pizza toppings to hot and cold sandwiches. Even canned meats like Spam or tuna can be added into everything . Try a croque Monsieur with Spam or use the tuna for melts or the more elegant Nicoise salad.You can get very creative with any meat  and use it in a variety of tasty ways.

Winging it with whatever you find can be fun .It brings out  your creative side as a cook while testing your cooking skills. If you find yourself with odd ingredients, don't despair. There 's bound to be a good dish waiting to be made.

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