Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rock Stars And Rocking Food

Usually concerts were not known for their food. It was probably the arena stuff, hot pretzels and watered down soda at exorbitant prices. Outdoor concerts were even worse. Over grilled hamburgers, and greased corn dogs. That's all changing.The food is now the star and it shines - brightly.

This was the subject of an article in yesterday's New York Times Dining section. The article, written by Dining regular Jeff Gordinier, tells of actual gourmet delights that outshine the star attraction.Also concert promoters know that most music fans are also diehard foodies and they're advertising star chefs like the famed Marcus Samuelssen, April Bloomfield and Tom Collichio., If a restaurant is participating, it too becomes the main draw. Musicians and singers also release that sometimes they're secondary. After all, as Darrell Hall of Hall and Oates fame reasons, eating and music are one of one of a logical blend. Food and music have been together since our early days of sitting around the communal fire.

What kinds of foods are rocking these concerts? There are some spectacular dishes, that's for sure.At the Googamooga concert series stands feature  dirty duck dogs, hot dogs with a gourmet blend of duck meat and spices. Do or Dine has a fois gras doughnut which is a jelly doughnut with a savory snap of goose liver.vVinegar Hill House offers the more traditional soft shell crab on a potato roll. Thr Grub Crawl is offering the native food of Los Angeles, Brooklyn and New Orleans. Even the outre Lollapalooza festival is offering the high class truffle oil popcorn and lobster corn dogs for their dinign fare..

Rock concerts are being upstaged by chefs and their creations.It's no longer who had the best guitar riff but who made the best fois gras doughnut. Food, not  music, shines bright at these concerts.

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