Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rain Date

Sometimes the perfect barbecue days turns into a scene from Wuthering Heights. Dark clouds scud against the sky. rain comes down in buckets.The temps drop turning Spring's sunny warmth into a Late Winter chill.There goes the outdoor barbecue?Or does it? You can still have a barbecue but indoors. Luckily all meats can be grilled inside. Hot dogs and kabobs can easily be grilled over an open gas flame or on an indoor grill.The same can be done with ribs and hamburgers.In fact they probably won't be charred.You can control the heat addend up with tender ,juicy cuts. As far as the buns, toast them in your toaster oven or on the indoor grill.You can even butter them forvmore flavor. grilling veggies is just as easy. You can also steam them too which is much much more healthier than the harmful and really unhealthy grilling.What about the delicious taste of grilled corn on the cob? Grill indoors or even microwave for more tender kernels. What about after dinner when everyone wants s'mores? You can still make them indoors using your microwave. You can also still toast marshmallows instead .Again use your burners and skewers, preferably metal .You'll still get that crunchy ,crisp outer coating that makes a s'more yummy.You can also warm the Graham crackers too in the microwave or toaster oven for an even better sweet. Fruit kabobs are are party staple. You can still make them ,using your grill or even griddle.Warm up some Cool Whip for dipping or chocolate. Don't worry if your barbecue is rained on.You can easily bring it inside and still have tasty and fun food!

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