Friday, May 18, 2012

Outdoor Pastas

Pastas are usually thought of as winter dishes. However they can also be served as outdoor summery ones and a complement to grilled meats and veggies. Any pasta can be turned into a tasty warm weather dish, perfect for hot days ahead.

Most people only associate elbow macaroni with summer dishes. This is true, yet it's not the only pasta that can be served beside the outdoor grill. Orzo can also make a great base for outdoor salads. Add some artichoke hearts along with broccoli and grape tomatoes for a tasty side to barbecued lamb or beef kabobs.You can also add sliced salami to it for a hearty brunch main dish. Another good salad base is tubettini  which are the  small tubes used mostly for soups. You can easily make them for a tasty salad involving olive oil , sundrued tomato and grilled chicken breasts Tortellini, another favorite used in soups can also be made into a salad, using tomatoes , pine nuts and mushrooms.

More traditional pastas can also be used as a base for meats and veggies. Try spaghetti or angel hair with freshly grilled zucchini slices along with tomatoes and mushrooms. Add a hot sauce made out of olive oil, butter and garlic on top.Angel hair pasta is the perfect foil for freshly grilled chicken or even fish . Add a sauce of alia olio and then top with sun dried tomatoes. You can also wilt spinach and /or broccoli rabe and again add it to any pasta from cavatelli to  penne. Try this dish next to some superbly grilled steak or chops.

Pasta at an outdoor grill doesn't  have to be soggy  with mayo. It can be a tasty salad with veggies or a hot side , perfect with grilled chicken, fish or beef. Any kind from orzo to spaghetti, from tubettini to angel hair can be turned into a tasty and different outdoor dish.

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