Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Treats For Mom

Tomorrow is Mother's Day the day tocelebate the lady who used to bake your favorite cookies and make you endless casseroles of baked mac and cheese.It's time to celebrate her with some gourmet goodies or just plain homemade ones, Even  simple pancakes spelling out MOM can be a treasured gift.

For foodie moms nothing beats really good chocolate. You can always get her a box of Godiva which has all sorts of sweet indulgent treats. The company sells some wonderful truffles, full of tasty creams and ganaches.You can also buy bars from them to to be scraped over Mom's favorite ice creams or cake.Hannah Krause is another good chocolatier  and a throwback to a more simpler time. They sells boxes of classics such as coconut cremes and caramels. Another treat are flavored coffees and teas. Wrap these with a few good romances or mysteries for some comfy reading.

What about homemade gifts? Nothing beats breakfast in bed. Make it healthy with buckwheat  pancakes and pure Vermont maple syrup (none of this artificial stuff with corn  syrup in it). You can have the pancakesspellout mom or makethem into flower shapes with banana centers. A rich decadent treat is Eggs Benedict and the best part is that they can be eaten any time of day.You could vary them by having spinach or crab meat instead of the usual Canadian bacon. Also  the base doesn't have to be an English muffin.Try a croissant, brioche potaot brioche brioche of a nest of olive oil fried shredded potatoes instead.

Treat Mom with some good foodie tastes. They can be store bought all tied with a fancy ribbon. They can be homemade , straight from the kitchen, Whatever she gets your mom will know they're with love from you,

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