Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Make Your Own Mayo - Artresanal Style

Mayonnaise is one of the mainstays of summer food preparation, Unfortunately the store bought kind does nothing for sandwiches, salads and even crudites. The answer is making your own - which surprisingly easy. What's even better is that it will make any dish taste better  - and even elevate the simplest dish to gourmet quality.

Homemade mayo was the subject of an article in today's New York Times Dining section. The piece written by Melissa Clark for her The Weekly Good Appetite column, shows how to make a good mayo almost akin to the ones sold at Empire Mayonnaise , Brooklyn's first and the country's only artesanal mayo store. Mayo is easy to make.,It's basically a whisked blend of egg yolk, lemon juice,kosher salt and Dijon mustard. The most important ingredient is oil and it can be olive oil for a richer , creamier blend or safflower and canola oils for a smoother, lighter mayo. Since the mix is an emulsion it can be tricky to stir with  the oil and yolk often separating.Slowly whisk in  a few drops of water to prevent this from happening.

Homemade mayo can be varied in taste. Some home chefs add hot pepper flakes which adds zing to sandwiches and potato salads. Ms. Clark tosses in minced anchovies which imparts a deep briny. flavor. For another variation add lime instead of lemon and maybe some fresh ground pepper.She also makes one with bacon bits added which would go well with a hearty potato salad.For this last omit the mustard and throw in some chile for some fire. She also recommends switching oils such as walnut  for the safflower or canola. This would well with veggies but also giving a roast beef or London broil sandwich  extra oomph! You can also make a garlic aioli perfect for any Mediterranean or Provence themed barbecue.

Homemade mayo is the best thing to happen to summer cooking since the barbecue grill. Take the step and make it. It'll make even the most blandest salad or sandwich something special

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