Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Hot Drink For A Hot Time

The Memorial Day weekend brings the start of the summer party season.Drinks abound during this time .However they're usually watered down with club soda or just chilled white wine.It's time to think outside the usual bottle.It's time to add some punch - literally. This was the topic of yesterday's Pour column in the Dining section of Wednesday's New York Times. Eric Asimov wrote about changing up the usual summer drinks. He mentions some unusual choices yet they do fit in perfectly with those barbecued steaks and salads. A summer punch is always a fun extra to any party.It's rarely served during the colder months ,being the star of many a holiday party.Yet it's refreshing and unique when served during a hot weather gathering.Mr. Asimov uses the punch from the restaurant Prime Meats.It's called Too Hot To Hoot.It mixes the richness of a good bourbon with elderberry tea along with Angostura bitters and fresh strawberries and limes.It's a tasty fun drink that would go well with any grilled meat. Of course other drinks are also spotlighted and also work well for those who don't want a cup of punch.Mr.Asimov recommends a glass of chilled Chianti .This popular classic is usually associated with pasta however it's the perfect foil for a juicy grilled steak. There are other red wines that go well with burgers and ribs such as barbera , dolcetto and Valpolicetto.Roses and white wines,Summer standards are also good but try the lesser Pinot grigio such as Elena Walch, Alois Lageder of the Northeastern Italian vineyards.Another choice is a rose champagne such as Cerdon Bugey from theRenardat Fache. it's perfect go along with chicken stays or grilled salmon. The holiday season is upon us and with it a time to celebrate.Enjoy the warm summer nights with punch or champagne.?Look at the warm weather moon with a glass of Pinot Grigio or Chianti! it's the season to enjoy good drinks and good grilled Led or barbecued food!

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