Saturday, May 26, 2012

Healthy Picnics Fun Picnics

A picnic is a time of just having fun and relaxing on the beach or in the park. Its a time when people usually indulge in healthy outdoor activites like volleyball,baseball or even Frisbee chasing. However most people usually don't think healthy when they have a picnic.They bring fun food but not good for you food.

Sandwiches are a big part of any outdoor dining. They're easy to make and easy to tote. Yet  most picnickers load them up with nitrate laden cold cuts and mayo. Think light when you make a sandwich. Start with slices of whole wheat bread or even pita, followed by a low cal mayo. Add leftover cold chicken or turkey along with veggies.Nix the baloney and other cured meats. These aren't that great for you and besides will leave you feeling  thirsty and bloated afterwards.Another option is getting an already roasted chicken that can be served cold. It's better than fried and everyone can still munch on a leg or wing if they want to .

Sides are another important must in any successful outdoor meal.People usually opt for the easy way out and bring potato chips. This can be done but opt for the more healthier ones that have been fried in olive oil or baked. Popcorn can be fun to bring along.It's also neat to toss out to the the birds too. Picnics should have  a good salad. Opt for ones that are made with veggies and olive oil as opposed to ones like macaroni salads which has too much mayo and pasta  in them. One good one is a refreshing fiesta corn. Use a can of niblets along with freshly chopped red and green peppers, onions and celery. Toss with a vinaigrette and sprinkle sea salt and freshly ground pepper over it. A celery salad made the same way is also very good along with being light in calories.

Picnics are meant to be healthy outings full of good food. Don't spoil that by adding unhealthy cold cuts and fatty sides. Serve good, nutritious fare that's perfect for a day out.

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