Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Big Food Day!

Today is both Cinco de Mayo and The Kentucky Derby, Depending on where you are or your tastes , you're either celebrating with  tacos or  mint juleps. Both demand a party or better yet combine the food for more fun.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican 1868 victory over the occupied French army. It's not to be confused with Mexican Independence day which is September 5th, Still Americans ring out all sorts of Mexican goodies with a passion. Parties being held today  will probably have all sorts of tacos, including dessert ones stuffed with ice cream, fruit and syrup along with tostados and guacamole. These are easy to make and a fun way to celebrate.A simple dish are just corn chips and ta tasty homemade salsa. This is easy to make. Just cut up tomatoes onion and peppers, add some hot pepper and garlic salt .

The Kentucky derby is another fun food fest. Mostly it reflects the states long history of hard scrabble settlers and cooking. One is burgoo, an easy stew that is made with any meat and vegetable.Try it with beef or pork and a side of cornbread.Another is barbecue which is a sauce laden shredded pork. This is sweet and tangy , usually piled high on a soft roll and served with chips and a Coke. Special to Louisville are the Benedictine made with cream cheese and cucumber and dyed green, Another is the Hot Brown a hot turkey and ham sandwich which is smothered with Mornay sauce.

What better way to celebrate two fun events  than with good food. Take your pick or enjoy both. Cinco de Mayo and The Kentucky Derby have both interesting culinary traditions. All are tasty and fun.

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