Thursday, April 12, 2012

There's A Rock In My Drink!

People are going to be demanding cooled off libations now that warm weather is around the corner.The problem is that ice is not the best thing to put into any drink.It melts.It dilutes the drink ruining the taste and strength. What to do? Sink a few rocks into that glass.

Rocks  are surprisingly the latest trend to keep drinks, especially one like whiskey well chilled. This was the subject of an article in yesterday's New York Times Dining section. The article , written by Catherine Saint Louis, tells of how using soapstone cubes and circles can ice a drink better than any ice cube could. After all soapstone doesn't melt which means that the whiskey's integrity isn't ruined.This actually would be great for any beverage , alcoholic or non , especially ice tea or lemonade.They also don't have any flavor that can ruin the taste.

Whisky cubes as they're called has been a blessing surprisingly for kitchen remodelers. Soapstone is a popular medium for kitchen and even bathroom countertops. Unfortunately the economy is not what it was and people are forgoing redoing their kitchens. Luckily the stone can be carved down into cubesnad discs and sold  for drinks. Many remodelers are cashing in on this and making more money doing such, Jesse Billin, once a successful one is making more money with his Hammerstones Whisky Discs. Another soapstone cube manufacturer,Justin English of Sparq Homes has even discovered a second use for these clever substitutes. They can be heated to heat up lukewarm coffee or luke warm tea. These novelties are catching on and are being gobbled up for groomsmens; or corporate gifts as well as for that hard to buy for dad, stepdad or boyfriend

Putting rocks in a drink. It sounds preposterous  but it works, Adding a few  soapstone discs or cubes actually is a good idea. They maintain the drink's integrity while keeping it icy cold.

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