Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recycling And RevampingThose Easter Sweets Part Two

What happens when you have more leftover chocolate eggs and Peeps than you know what to do with? What about those holiday breads and cakes? There are some great ways to remake Easter treats into fantastic everyday desserts.It's easy and a fun way to make the holiday last.

A lot of us  overbuy when it comes to Easter treats. Let's face it, who can resist those cute milk and dark chocolate bunnies along with those bags of chocolate eggs. The problem is that they're always too cute and we have leftovers. We  can eat them til June or July or melt them into fun fondues or used as dips for cookies.Another neat idea is chopping them into bits and whisking them into any ice cream, especially vanilla or chocolate for a variation of straticiella, the Italian chocolate chip ice cream. They can also be put into pudding as well.You can do the same with jelly beans and vanilla ice cream too for a fun confetti colored snack.Peeps can be made as part of a marshmallow sundae or even  - horrors roasted - like any other marshmallow. Kids will love making their own "rotisserie" over the grill or stoved.

For all those leftover Easter breads there is two ways to go. They can be sliced and made into a sweet French toast or better yet a sweet and tasty bread pudding.For the French toast, think about serving the slices with a tart creme fraiche and fresh berries to cut the sweetness For the last you can also add any of the  leftover holiday brunch muffins too. You won't need any extra sugar spice or raisin because these already have sugar in them. Serve with fresh cream. .What about the remains of those bunny and egg cakes? Slice thinly and put a huge scoop of your favorite ice cream or sherbet on top.

Leftover Easter treats need not get stale. They cna be recycled into tasty and fun desserts everyone will like. It's a way of prolonging the holiday .It's also a way of enjoying the candy while it's still fresh.

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