Thursday, April 5, 2012

Relish This

Relish has been overlooked for so long not many people know about it.It doesn't have the pizzazz of its fellow condiments mustard and ketchup.However that's all changing.Soon it may be just the thing for hot dogs and hamburgers This was the subject of an article in yesterday's New York Times Dining section.The piece ,written by Steve Kurutz,tells about the rebirth of this much overlooked condiment. Relish is basically misshapen cucumbers that were too ugly to make it to pickles.They are chopped up and put into a vinegary brine and the fermented into relish.Unfortunately it is not that popular(except in England where it is loved and cherished).Most stores usually put relish on the bottom shelves. Relish is coming into it's own. Relish is becoming artisanal thanks to companies like McClure's Pickles where it's more of a salad.It has a fresh ,vinegary flavor as opposed to the usual sweetness associated with relishes.NewYork's famed Shake Shack chain makes a corn relish as well as one with dill.There are now relishes made with cranv Berries and red peppers.There is also a chow chow style one that has a tomato based one full of onions,cabbages, celery and bell peppers This would be good not only with the usual hot dogs and hamburgers but grilled chicken or steak. Relish may not have the oomph of mustard and ketchup.However that may all change.It may be the go to topping for everything from chicken kabobs to hamburgers and hot dogs. It will be the right accompaniment to anything ,given the chance

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