Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Power of Veganism

Most Americans would never give up their beloved chicken wings or hot dogs. Yet, surprisingly , that's what millions of  people in this country are doing.  Veganism is becoming an accepted lifestyle, despite the trouble it can cause to families. There are still some minuses amongst the many pluses. These can be worked out, with some intuition and creativity.

This was the subject of an article in today's New York Times Science section. The article written by Tara Parker-Pope , tells about  the problems with following this healthy diet and lifestyle. About 7.3 million Americans now have what is known as a vegan diet. They forego all meat and dairy along with eggs, fish and even honey products. Instead soy and rice products figure prominently.Being vegan and single is easy.It's jsut one person who will deal with  all the new foods and cooking techniques. However families , especially ones with  kids, will balk at the idea of giving up beloved hamburgers or even scrambled eggs. There is also the cost . Vegan products cost more than regular ones , especially the garden and soy burgers.

Being vegan does have its' payoffs. Both heart  disease and cancer risks lower as does cholesterol and triglycerides when the diet is free of processed meats , cheeses and even butter.  There is more focus on fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cooking with olive oil. Also it's a chance to get creative in the cooking , especially with trying to recreate holiday roasts and baked goods. Families will have to embrace the goodness of tofurkey and eggless cookies and cakes. It;s also a chance to have a healthier family and basically no exposure to childhood obesity and diabetes.. Veganism can be a tough sell but it has good benefits as well as some famous fans . Former president Bill Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres are both vegans and promote their diets as often as they can.

Veganism is a healthier way of eating. It may be tough at first to eliminate meat and dairy along with fish and eggs  - and even honey, However the benefits outweigh the minuses. It means a better lifestyle and surprisingly enough tastier dishes. It's worth a try,

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