Saturday, April 28, 2012

Outdoor Movie Night

Drive ins used to the be the big thing in our American culture. However with only a handful left in the States , towns now are offering a movie night,.This is geared for the whole family from babies to grandparents.The problem is, unlike a regular movie theater, there is no ready and available food. What to bring that's good and tasty for the whole family? There are plenty of fun treats everyone will like.

Everyone likes some kind of cracker with a dip or topping. Rice chips are much more healthier than potato chips and they pack easily into a Styrofoam cooler or picnic basket. Serve with a store bought or homemade salsa for added fun. Pretzels are another easy bring along that everyone likes and they come in different shapes and sizes to suit individual tastes. Fruit and veggie kabobs also make wonderful snacks, especially for the tween set. Layer grape tomatoes , mozzarella cubes  and olives or pearl onions for a savory fare. Try pineapple  and melon chunks , interspersed with cherries or grapes for a sweeter snack.

Many families bring dinner to these events.Most usually just make the average sandwich and that's it/ Be a little more creative. Take Italian bread and fill it with everyone's favorite meats and cheeses along with a drizzle of olive oil and an sprinkle of oregano. Another idea, especially if there are adults is roasting a London broil or chicken beforehand and bringing it cold to the movies. These would be great with a chilled wine if you can sneak in a bottle or two. If not settle for some sparkling iced tea or juice. Add a cold roasted asparagus salad for a side or a red potato salad done Sicilian style with rosemary and olive oil.

A town's movie night is always fun  . Make it even more so by bringing fun snacks and dinners that add more excitement. The family will appreciate a good classic movie and food that matches it.

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