Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Healthy Spring Picnic

It's time to celebrate Spring and what better than an old fashioned picnic.Yet what  gets packed in some baskets can be unhealthy. It's time for a change, and get rid of all those snacks. There's nothing like enjoying fresh air with freshly made sandwiches and nibbles. Besides it's a good time to take advantage of  the proudce just come into season.

A big part of any picnic are the sandwiches. Most people slap processed meat on bland white bread  and consider it a good meal. For variety they may add some tasteless processed cheese or even cold, ,greasy bacon. It's time to change that. Sub in darker bread which is healthier.The base doesn't have to always be whole could be a twelve or fifteen grain bread or even rye or pumpernickel. As for fillings, always think fresh. Picnics are a great way of getting rid of any leftover meat or meat loaf. Last night's chicken, turkey or even London Broil and meat loaf make better fillings than processed cold cuts. Even a tomato sandwich is a delicious picnic treat. Layer thickly cut Beefsteaks on bread with mayo. If it;s not too warm think about a tarragon egg salad on whole grain rolls.Add some mayo or ketchup for more taste and a pickle on the side.

As for the extras, think fresh again. Nix the overly processed chips and cheese puffs. Grape tomatoes are fun to bring along as are radishes  and  baby carrots. Cut celery is also good and you can pack up an easy to make vinaigrette for dipping. Try bringing other easily totable veggies such as cauliflower and broccoli too. Fresh mozzarella balls are another fun snack. Carry this theme into dessert where you can bring small containers of melon, strawberries and pineapple. Put them on sticks for an "au naturale" kabob. These are definitely healthier (and maybe a bit more fun) than s'mores.  Another bring along are all natural cookies (such as "Back To Nature's  many kinds)Wash everything down with fresh brewed teas or fruit juices.

Enjoy a healthy and fun day out with healthy and fun foods. They'll give more energy to run around and enjoy the Spring air and company. It's also a nice way to appreciate nature!

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