Friday, April 27, 2012

Healthy Movie Food

The summer movie season is right around the corner and with it endless hours of eating. However most theaters offer a cornucopia of bad foods. There are ways to combat this  and eat healthy while watching your favorite stars.

Popcorn , that perennial movie favorite and must have, is always at the movies. Unfortunately most have some kind of buttery coating which is loaded with transfat and calories. Depending on your movie theater you can decline the topping and just ask for just  air popped or plain. You can also sneak some of your own home popped in too.Some theaters also offer snack sized bags of Planters nuts and almonds. Again these are better for you than the usual movie candy fare however be careful of the salt and whatever flavoring. Again sneak in a small baggie of plain almonds or even walnuts to tide you over. As for drinks, always opt for bottled water. It's the most refreshing and luckily theaters do push it more so than sodas these days.

What about sweets? Yes, those chocolate covered raisins and M and M s are tasty. They're not good. If you do want M &Ms see if they have the dark which has antioxidants and less fat than the milk  chocolate and peanut ones. Some theaters do sell fruit strips or leathers which are great snacking.However again, think about bringing bags of "non messy" fruits, such as grapes or bananas(nothing too juicy because it could leave seats sticky). Also bags of Back to Nature cookies are always a fun treat . Remember to bring milk or all natural juice boxes with you to wash them down.

The  summer movie season is coming and that means long hours sitting and snacking, Make those snacks healthy and enjoyable  ones. They'll be as powerful and helpful as those super heroes on the screen.

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