Friday, April 20, 2012

Fusing With Fuze

Trying to find a relatively natural drink is hard these days. Mostly it's overly sugary sodas or syrupy teas. However there's an alternative.Fuze. This is a great all natural drink that comes in teas and fruit fusions. It will be great for those hot , sweltering days ahead.

Fuze has been around for the last ten years  , founded in 2000 by Lance Collins and the company's creative director Paula Collins in Collins, Englewood, NJ basement. It was first distributed to Northern Califormnia wht only three flavors, mixed berry, banana colada and cranberry raspberry.Now the drink is divided into five catagories Slenderize, Refresh, Tea, Defensify, and Vitalize.Each drink has a healthy combo of  vitamins, amino acids, and herbs, and alternative sweeteners such as crystalline fructose. This last is a processed sweetener that is derived from corn.Fuze is devoid of any processed white sugars and fructose.

I discovered Fuze after completely changing my diet. Trying to find a tasty drink that's good for you was difficult. I had given up my usual Pepsi  and was looking for something else. Let's face it. One can only drink so much water and flavored seltzer. These are good however there's nothing like a cold glass that 's tasty. I love the teas., especially the Green Tea With Honey and Ginseng which has a light delicate flavor. Fuze's other tea., a mix of green and black with acai berry is also yummy and it's a bit more robust than the other. Another fave is their Slenderize line's tropical punch.It's like a refreshing pina colada and perfect for a mid afternoon pick me up. I am definitely going to try Fuze's other flavors as well.The teas have 120 and 130 calories respectively while the Slenderize has none.

If you;re looking for a different kind of refreshment , look no further than Fuze.It's a delicious drink that's good for you. It's made with all natural ingrdeients and chock full of vitamins. What a perfect way to start a hot summer!

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