Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fruit Strips Fun Sweet Eating

What to give a hungry kid or evne adult when they;re craving sweets? Chocolate? Too unhealthy and sugar laced, especially the milk kind. Cookies? Too addictive and sometimes dry. What about fruit strips or leathers. These are tasty, flavorful snack with little calories and better yet - little preservatives.

Fruit leathers or strips are nothing more than pureed fruit that is spread out and dried. They do have a patent leather like look to them. They're fun to eat from their texture to the yummy burst of flavor. they're also perfect in party goodie bags as opposed to candies as well as a good snack on the soccer field. For adults fruit leathers are great for hiking or any sports, giving a quick burst of energy. They;re also not mess y unlike fruit and great for the upcoming beach days, Another plus is that they're easy to carry around making them perfect for brown baggers. Fruit leathers are low in calories with most ranging between 45 and 50

There's a controversy about whether to buy or make fruit leathers, If you're into natural foods and eating , then you can make them.It's basically boiling and puree any chopped fruit(grapes require seeding and mashing). Add lemon juice for preserving. It's then a process of spreading out the puree onto microwave sturdy Saran wrap and then slow baking in a 140 degree oven for eight to twelve hours. The strips are ready to eat when the leather is non sticky to the touch However for those who want their fruit leathers right at hand, consider Target's Archer brand fruit strips. These come in a variety of flavors and fruit combos like wildberry, a strawberry,blueberry and raspberry mix along with their apricot. Another good brand is sunRype which has banana strawberry and strawberry flavors. I love this one , because it's ribbed like licorice and fun to eat.

Fruit strips or leathers are a fun and tasty snack. Use them for upcoming picnics or just in a lunch bag. They not only a great treat , they ;re also healthy too!

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