Monday, April 30, 2012

Bursts of Energy

The warmer weather brings about the need to exercise along with enjoying sports. With it comes the needs for both drinks and snacks . What are easy and fun to take with you? The first choice is the natural ones. These keep you energized and hydrated for as long as you;re exercising or just having fun.

Water is one of the most essential drinks to have with you for any activity. It keeps you cool and refreshed after a long bike ride or spirited softball game. It's also go for a quick wash if need be. There's nothing like a chilled bottle of clean , crisp spring water.Dasani and Aquafina have the best tasting ones although even a generic band like Stop and Shop's or the A&P's is also good. Another good thing about spring water is that it comes in a variety of bottle sizes from nips to the sports sizes. Water also comes in flavors too, if you want something sweet to go with your snacks. Gatorade is another excellent refresher it's multitude of types  are perfect for  everything from hikes to marathons.It also come sin a variety of flavors as well.

Food also plays an important part in re energizing. Protein is a  must. It gives any active person a burst of energy. The best is either almonds or walnuts .They're easy to bring along and fun to eat. Another good snack are unsalted sunflower seeds.Again  these are great because of the protein and vitamins. Fruit chunks or even a banana are other good snacks to breing along on a hike or to a sprting event  game.. Melon is perfect because it also hydrates as well as [provides the essentials sugars to go on. Some people are into energy bars. Be warned however.They may be full of sugars along with preservatives. They also may not absorb into body as quickly as fruits

This is the season for activity. Keep hydrated and energized with the right drinks and foods. You;'ll not only feel better be play a better game!

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