Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back To Nature Healthy Fun Treats

Is there such a thing as a good for you cookie? Or a healthy baked mac and cheese dinner? Or nutritious snacks that aren't fruits and veggies. The answer is yes. Thanks to a great all natural company, Back To Nature conscientious foodies can enjoy not only healthy treats but also fun ones too.

Back To Nature is a California company that started in Pasadena in 1960. In an era when most Americans were clamoring for processed TV dinners and mass produced snacks, Back To Nature started its' line with granola. Fifty years later it has expanded to include everything from all natural juices to prepared dinner along with fun snacks. Their philosophy is simple make everything with unbleached flour and cane juice along with honey and fruit concentrates. It works. Foodies who want tasty treats without all that fructose and transfat turn to Back To Nature for cookies , nuts and crackers.

I bought their Classic Creme cookies and was instantly hooked. It's hard to find a relatively all natural cookie in the grocery store however I did. I like the fact that Back To Nature's spin on the classic Oreo is even better than the original cookie. It was just as chocolate-y with the right amount of filling. I am looking forward to trying some of the other flavors, namely the Fudge Stripe and Crispy Oatmeal. After looking through their site I also want to try some of their nuts, crackers and definitely their version of a more wholesome baked mac and cheese.This is a must have brand all households should have.

Back To Nature puts the fun back into healthy eating and snacking, Their wide variety makes snack time as well as dinner time a pleasure. Best of all the products are not processed. They're pure and simple - the way food should be.

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