Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Spring Hit Onion Tart

Nothing heralds Spring like a good quiche or savory tart. One that fits the bill in an onion one, chock full of flavor.It's perfect for an Easter brunch and also perfect for a light dinner.It's also easy to make and great served as leftovers.

This treat was the subject of Dave Tanis' City Kitchen in today's New York Times Dining section. Mr/. Tanis gives the recipe for a Spring favorite that is rich with onions and also fromage blanche along with creme fraiche and bacon. It's sort of like an Alsatian pizza, made with scraps of dough left over from baking day., The Germans make something similar called zweibelkugen or onion cake, however theirs is more eggy and quiche like.

The tart is easy to make. Again it's based on the same premise as pizza . Mr. Tanis offers his variation with ricotta and picheline olives for a vegetarian version. He also adds a sprinkle of caraway seeds for a  nice aromatic touch. I would probably add more onion  and even some tomatoes for a little zing, Another variant could be ham or smoked French sausage. The crust would be the same,perhaps brushed with a little butter for color and flavor.

 A tasty and fresh from the oven onion tart is a nice way  to usher in Spring. It's the perfect to have at a holiday brunch or even for an evening meal

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