Monday, March 19, 2012

Junking Junk Food

Are those  chips and Cheez Doodles the same as cigarettes? Is cola like crack? Most definitely.Food can be an addiction , as bad as any serious one. The worst addictions are the junk foods.They're made so tasty  any cupcake or corn chip is hard to resist.Yet they can be as deadly as any other bad habit.

The first step in breaking the addicting is knowledge. Start reading every package and bottles calorie breakdown and ingredients. Become familiar with additives and the individual components of a snack or take out dish. If it's too "plastic" or questionable, then stop eating it. Also slowly switch over to better snacks.After chips it could be whole grain pretzels and then eventually kale or Brussels sprout chips. These last two are easy to make and fun to eat.As far as foods, don't think burgers and fries, wean into a grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat with a side of salad. Replace soda with unsweetened ice tea or flavored seltzer.

Desserts and sweets are the hardest to give up. Let's face it  - who can not resist a chocolate chip cookie or red velvet cupcake? The problem is that these are too irresistible and bad for you. Sub in fruit chunks like melon for a sweet snack or dessert or try a tasty handful of hulled organic strawberries or blueberries.For the last two you can top them with a small squirt of whipped cream for a festive effect. As for carry along snacks , nothing beats a pear ,apple or banana, They're not messy to eat while the cores and peels are environmentally good unlike all those plastic and paper wrappings.. They're also good to carry around too as a mid morning , or even mid afternoon snack.

Junking junk food is  an easy and good thing to do. It's slowly getting rid of th e bad and replacing it with food that is not only beneficial but also tasty. The transition may be a bit hard but definitely worth the effort.

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