Friday, March 9, 2012

Juiced Up

Nothing beats a glass of freshly made juice. It's not only delicious but good for you.It's full of vitamins and antioxidants and devoid of preservatives. Best of all you can get your daily requirement of both fruits and veggies in just one serving.

I just came into juicing thanks to buying the Juiceman juicer yesterday. Excitedly, after I purchased it I went into my local grocery store and went wild in the produce section. I bought kale, carrots and a  a ton of strawberries and blueberries.Assembling the machine took some doing and time but once I had all the parts in place there was no stopping me. I made a strawberry blueberry combo with a touch of kale and carrot.It was really delicious and fresh tasting. Even better was freezing the leftover mash to make an all natural Italian ice.Some of the nutritional value does go a day later however this is the healthiest and best dessert I've ever had.I plan on filling up my Popsicle molds with future fruit mashes  for a better tasting, less sugar riddled frozen fruit bar.

There was an accompanying recipe book that is amazing too. There are so many recipes to try from berry and apple blends  to fresh  citrus squeezes. Juiceman comes with a special citrus squeezer and pit displacer , I would love to make my own limeade and lemonade as well as trying the different  fruit and veggie combos the book suggested. Juiceman 's website also has recipes too and again there are a few that look tasty enough to try. They also suggest using the leftover veggie mash for sauces and the leftover fruit pulp for puddings and cakes along with different desserts.(although I think turning it into a healthy ice is a juicer's best bet)!

For all those health conscious foodies out there, get a juicer.It will be the best thing that happened to your health and your body! Your diet will be much improved by adding all natural juice combos to it. Better yet, you'll just love creating your own blends and mixes.

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