Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Treat From Soda Bread To Trifle

It;s the perfect day to write about Irish treats, There are so many from traditional soda bread to Guinness cakes with all sorts of good stuff in between, They're the perfect end to any St Paddy's  Day festivities and even better with a tall cup of Irish s coffee.The Irish have a variety of different enders , all incorporating the local produce.

Irish soda bread is by far the most famous and enjoyed.It's was an 19th Century creation that's chock full of raisins and dusted with granulated sugar.It can be sliced and toasted , slathered with sweet Irish butter for a quick supper or as a simple meal ender. Trifle is another tasty treat. This is home made or store bought cake layered with fruit,sherry or Madeira.It's sweetness is a nice contrast of a typical meal of lamb and new potatoes. Apples play an important part in the country's dessert menus. There are many recipes for simple apple cakes that probably are also seen at many a country tea as well.A truly decadent treat is the Guiness cake , made with the dark stout and usually chocolate. This is an uber rich end ,perfect with a cup of  strong and creamy Irish coffee.

Whiskey factors in heavily in the Irish diet and it's not a surprise when there are cakes that feature it as a main ingredient. A simple whiskey cake is sort of like a yellow cake but with more punchnamelt.There is usually half a cup of whiskey thrown in along with brown sugar along with cloves. The finished product has a kind of  slight butterscotch taste There are also ones with with coffee added as well as bitter chocolate. Also whiskey cakes as with any cake recipe vary from family from family. One might add Jamison's while another uses a stronger version. Currents can be subbed in for raisins  and the ratios can vary too/

If you can , treat yourself to something more than corned beef and cabbage today. Have an Irish dessert whether that be soda bread or apple cake or better yet a large slice of whiskey laced cake! Slainte!

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