Friday, March 30, 2012

Healthier Holidays

The Spring holidays are almost here and with it comes a wealth of food.While the dishes are traditional ,they're not always healthy. A better alternative is keeping centuries old dishes but creating them with a more nutritious twist Passover and Easter both demand big meals. Passover is usually celebrated with a roasted brisket the first night and maybe chicken the next . Instead, try just chicken and then celebrate with vegetarian fare. take advantage of Spring vegetables by roasting a variety. There can still be the standard haroset and bitter herbs. Easter as well is celebrated with either a ham or a lamb.Think healthier with chicken or even turkey.Both go well with the veggie of the season asparagus.Also a side dish of roasted veggies is a nice alternative to stuffing or potato salad. sweets also play an important part ,especially in Easter. Cookies, cake and candy are great but they'll leave both kids and adults hyper.Instead get a token chocolate bunny for the kids and have fresh fruit bunnies and chicks. StSick eyes ,feet and beaks (which can be picked up at any craft store) and stick them on nectarines . Cut out little bunny ears and again put on plums or peaches. Fill Easter eggs with grapes , sunflower seeds or just fun stickers.Passover called for dense flour less cakes however think light with fruit trays or fruit kabobs.Even freshly made fruit sorbets can be a nice ending to any holiday meal. The holidays call for food.Instead of creating calorie rich dishes,think light and healthy.The meal can still reflect tradition but can also can reflect healthier fare.Eating light can be the start of a new tradition.

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