Monday, March 26, 2012

Cutting Cold Cuts

We all love sandwiches - who doesn't? They're easy to  make,  easy to eat and easy to tote around with us.Yet how we make them and what we put in them may harm us. There's nothing like a sandwich - but make it not just tasty but nutritious.

The first thing  sandwich makers reach for are the cold cuts.Bologna and ham may be tasty but they're full of nitrates and calories.The same thing for any other meat from mortadella to chicken..The best bet is to grill the meat fresh such as with chicken or use what's left over from last night's roast. The healthiest filler iss either turkey or chicken.  Even fresh ham is a better alternative than what's in those packets. If the meat is too dry, moistne with a little mayo. You can flavor it if you want too with tarragon or celery seeds.

A lot of people don't realize that veggies and eggs make excellent sandwich fillers.Everyone loves a tomato sandwich and there is nothing like a few sliced ones on whole wheat bread. You can also make a bruschetta style tomato mix with olive oil and onions added and slather it on regular bread instread of Italian or French. Another treat is avocado slices .Since these are rich in calories think about having them between a toasted pita. If you don't have eggs for breakfast then it's OK to have  them occasionally in a sandwich. Think about mixing them with tomatoes or peppers for a healthy alternative to cold cuts. Tuna fish is also a good filler, Instead of the usual tuna salad, try it mixed with some onions or celery for more flavor

You can cut cold cuts out out of sandwich making. There are other choices that are better for you. They're just as tasty but don't all those scary additives. They're what makes a good and nutritious lunch.

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