Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home Cooking With The Best

There's nothing like home cooked meals especially for the holidays. It turns out that even the best chefs like comforting cuisine as well and have written books about it. What's even better is that these cookbooks are out for the holidays. They're perfect for the home cooks who want to cook classics but also want that gourmet vibe as well.

The books were reviewed in an article in yesterday's New York Times Dining section. Julia Moskin, the Dining section's doyenne wrote whose was the best. There are a few, actually and they would make a great under the tree surprise to any comfort food loving foodie. There is Mario Batali who wrote "Molto Batali: Simple Family Meals From My Home To Yours"(Bloomsbury). This is an unusual cookbook in the sense that is is divided into seasons. His summer recipes include corn and fennel baked together along with tomatoes while his winter ones feature the veggies of the season such as pumpkin. For true foodies there is Ferran Adria, the avante garde chef from Spain. His meals aren't for home really but were geared more for dinners with his restaurant staff.His book is "The Family Meal:Home Cooking With Ferran Adria" (Phaedon Publishing). Another foodie adored chef is Hestom Blumenthal who has " Heston Blumenthal At Home" (Bloomsbury Publishing) and his is filled with simple and homey roast and vinaigrette recipes.

For true family cooking there is John Besh's "My Family Table:A Passionate Plea For Home Cooking. "(Andrew McMeel publishers) Chef Besh reflects his life as this in his book: a busy and messy dad cooking for his four little ones. However his recipes wouldn't go amiss at any adult dinner party. He creates a risotto and creamy veg soups that work with any palate. On a higher note there is Jean Georges Vongerichten who brings his Alsacian roots into play with his cookbook," Home Cooking With Jean Georges;My Favorite Simple Recipes" (Clarkson Potter).

Home cooking is always a good thing for the holidays.Even chefs realize this and want to impart their best take on comfort food. It results in some good dishes, a perfect gift for the home chef who loves to cook simple dishes from family recipes..

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