Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Roast Choices

Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals of the year. Not only is it is a celebratory feast but it's a bell weather of how well a person can cook. The problem is choosing a meat you're not familiar with can spell disaster -a holiday surprise you do not want. Luckily there are several choices you can pick from. Find one that suits your ability and you'll create a memorable and perfect holiday dinner.

Many home cooks opt for prime rib roast. Not only is it lush looking but also very flavorful. It also makes a good presentation and looks camera ready sitting on a perfectly set table. Rib roast is also one of the easiest to prepare. Just sprinkle on fresh ground sea salt and pepper and then pop into a waiting oven of 325 F. You can increase the heat to 500 F for the first fifteen minutes and then reduce it to the 325 to sear in the flavor.A two bone roast can serve six to eight while a three bone serves about ten to twelve people. . Another roast worth thinking about is London Broil.This is a good meat for those on a budget.It costs slightly less than most beef cuts yet makes for an elegant piece of meat. It's basically just a think flank steak, however cooked right , it down right buttery in taste and texture.

If you're not into serving beef, then think of the German Christmas dinner staple: ham. You can buy it fresh,cured or cured and smoked. There is some work and prep time for it however yet it's just easy steps. You can pour either ginger ale or pineapple juice over it before cooking. Some cooks also have a rub of brown sugar which offsets the meat's saltiness. Another route is poultry. Turkey is one of the most traditional however since Christmas falls a month after Thanksgiving it may be too repetitive for some people. You can try capon,duck or even goose. All three are surprisingly easy to roast and can create a classy and classic alternative to red meat.

What you want for your Christmas dinner is your choosing. However keep in mind that this is one of the most important meals of the year. Select a roast that you'll know you'll be good at cooking . It's one less worry to deal with on Christmas Day.

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