Monday, December 12, 2011

Budget Foodie Gifts

Last week I covered both high and mid priced foodie gifts. Today it's going to be all about completely affordable presents for your favorite food lover. The best part of this is that you can create your own or even just go to your local supermarket. Even better is that you can come up with a wide variety that suits every taste and passion.

Themed food baskets are always fun to give and receive.Your local grocery stores can make them up for you whether they 're cookies and brownies or fruits. However you can be equally creative as well. Buy baskets at your local craft or dollar store and start piling in all the good stuff. Soup lovers may appreciate the colorfully packaged bags of dry soup ingredients along with a variety of crackers such as Oysterettes and Ritz. You can even add bowls and spoons too. A variation of this is with chili. Create a basket full of different chilis along with cans of different beans. Toss in a bottle of water for some laughs too. A pasta lover could have a goodie basket with both regular and whole wheat pastas along with fancy jarred sauces. Toss in some inexpensive pasta tongs and some cheese to give it some polish

For sweets lovers think about holiday baking or even candy making. You can come up with some lovely cookie trays, interspersed with candy canes and Hershey's holiday wrapped kisses.Luckily even packaged cookie mixes can be turned into a variety of different treats. Chocolate chips can be dipped in chocolate and simple sugar cookies can be turned into snickerdoodles or almond twists. A fresh made batch of fudge or haystacks, coconut mounds are another present worth thinking about giving as are chocolate dipped pretzel rods. Another easy treat is chocolate bark. Just melt either white, dark, or milk chocolate chips , add nuts and other candies such as M&M's, peppermint shards and toffee. Let set and then break into pieces.Put into a festive tin or on a tray.

You can still give a lovely foodie gift for pennies. All it takes is creativity to come up with baskets or freshly made treats. These will make any food lover smile .

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