Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Birthdays

Summer is a great time for all sorts of celebrations, especially birthday parties. However a warm weather celebration does have its' limitations. Yes, you can feast but just watch what you serve. What may work for winter parties may not cut it for hot weather festivities. Yet you can have some great stuff , only made during these steamy times.

Salads are big during any party. Who doesn't love the mix of pastas , dressings and veggies?However be careful of what is in them. Mayo is always suspect because it turns very quickly Instead sub in olive oil for a healthier spin.Using olive oil also lets the other flavors shine through because of its' light taste.It also keeps better and longer in leftovers.Also be careful with what veggies you serve. Again tomatoes can turn very quickly , especially if they're cut as with cauliflower and sometimes broccoli. Don't over buy these veggies for crudites. Buy enough for whatever the amount of people coming. If you run out then you can always run to the store to quickly pick up replacements.

Cake is one of the mainstays for any birthday party no matter what the season. Yet you have to be careful with what you either bake or buy. Avoid any whipped cream topping. Dairy turns fast as well. If you're making the cake then use Cook Whip which is just as tasty and even lower in calories than whipped cream. There is the easy to make good old fashioned butter cream which tends to last longer . Another idea is serving a plain pound cake with a side of Cool Whip and fresh berries.Ice cream cake is another choice (albeit an expensive one). It does go fast and is easy to store the leftovers because it is frozen.

Summer is a great time for birthday parties, despite the hot weather. Choose your foods and desserts wisely to ensure a trouble free celebration. Then enjoy!It's the perfect time for cake and candles.

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