Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mmm , Crispy Critters

Bugs are always fascinating however do I want a few live ones on my plate. I don;t mind a butterfly or two if I'm eating outside or even an ant or a lady bug. There are some people who like eating them. Live. Like Uncle Fester from "The Adams. Family" Even stranger - there are restaurants who serve them up - just like fries.

Today's New York Times Dining section had a huge article devoted to those who love their food squiggly and wiggly. The piece written by Jeff Gardinier tells about various Mexican restaurants that serve up live worms and moths. It's part of the indigenous culture a sit is in China and in parts of Africa. Most diners describe the bugs as crunchy like potato chips or chewy and soft like tender bacon bits. Insects can be serve din almost any medium from appetizer to even dessert.Most insects used are grubs or silkworm larvae.

What's fascinating to me is that people actually like them. I guess, as a foodie, I have a lot of growing to do. However I just can't wrap my head around chowing down on bugs , especially works. Some people have no qualms doing so and these are getting an excellent source of protein. An interesting note - if you have shellfish allergies two to one you're also allergic to insect meat.

Would I ever eat any bugs? No,. Sorry , I'm not that adventurous. I'm sure they're delicious and fun but they just still - well - creepy crawlers.

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