Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Essentials

Right now almost the entire East Coast is either experiencing or waiting for Hurricane Earl. Like any foodie I'm worried what's going to happen when he hits. It means stocking up(done) and cleaning out the fridge in case the electricity goes out (not done). Will you be ready for any kind of late summer weather problem.

You should always be ready for evacuation if you live in the hurricane zones,That means taking some kind of food with you. Try stocking up on crackers, peanut butter, juice boxes, water and boxed cereal. If you have babies make sure their food is also packed, preferably in a cooler. Ditto fo r the animals. Try to be prepared when you have to leave. The last thing you want to do is head into a mobbed grocery store only to find empty shelves.

If you decide to ride out the storm at home , then take into consideration your gas and electric may not be working. Have extra and dry charcoal around for grilling . Try not to have to many foodstuffs like milk,eggs and meat that will quickly spoil. If the fridge goes out eat these first. Sodas and condiments will be the last to spoil. Also have extra stuff you need like cereal and bread around in case your local market gets flooded or damaged.

Hurricane season is not pleasant. Be prepared to face the worst with a full stomach and an empty fridge.

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