Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Crabby

Even though summer is officially over there;s no reason not to go for something as summery as crab. You can still catch it in some areas and most fish stores still carry it. It's a versatile meat that can go well in salads and grilled. It;s also good with a variety of sauces but stands up by itself with just some melted butter or hot sauce.

Crabs are hard shell crustaceans belonging to the decapod or ten footed family. They have a hard exo skeleton and soft tender meat underneath that. They're very low in calories about 130 altogether for an entire crab steamed which makes them perfect for diets. Eating crabs meat has been around since ancient times. It was the early Britons that impressed the Romans with their catches. Crab was very popular during Britain's medieval period and then Renaissance where they were served boiled, cold and dipped in vinegar. The English love of them came to the New World where it's still seen today in Maryland. The state is known for its' blue crabs and of course there is the very popular Maryland crab cake.

How should you serve crab meat? I just prefer the simplest , boiled and shelled with drawn or melted butter on the side. You can also season crab with the famed Old Bay Seasoning , a fiery blend of spices. The meat is also good in a simple salad with just a vinaigrette dressing and maybe a few grape tomatoes added in. If you want something heartier then try crabcakes. This is mor e involved, kind of like making hamburgers from scratch. Still the result is a tasty treat, good on its own or served with on a soft bun.

Crab meat is a summery treat that you can enjoy all year round. You don't have to be at a resort to indulge in crab cakes or crab salad. You can make it for yourself and your family at home any time of the year.

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