Saturday, September 25, 2010

Food Shopping 101

We've all been doing since our earliest years. In fact some of our oldest memories may be about it - food shopping. Yet does anyone really know how to food shop? It's not just heading into our local super market or farmers'; market and picking up anything. It's a science.Not rocket yet there is a certain way to it .

Of course the biggest rule for food shopping is to go after 'you've eaten. Go hungry and you'll wind up bringing a whole slew of unnecessary stuff home.It pays to go in the morning, preferably on a Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately this is the worst time because this is when everyone food shops. Yet it beats going after a work day when you;re liable to throw anything in your cart. Another thing is make lists. Shopping lists may seem quaint but they direct you to where you want to go. They also help you keep stock and keep aware of what you do and do not need. You can veer off them form time to time (Like I do- hey , those candy apples are tempting) . Stick to what you have to get and you won't wind up with a huge shopping bill later on.

Another good rule is shop the basics. Heaven forbid something happens or you get sick and can't go to the store. I always feel that people should have a good supply of rice pasta and canned goods to fall back on.If you have kids stock up on milk, bread and eggs At least they or the other parent can make a simple French toast if they have to fend for themselves. Another idea is always have fresh fruit and veg in the house. make sure that almost every grocery run you pick up either apples or carrots, bananas or broccoli.Frozen foods are also good to have - in case of an emergency.

Food shopping is not rocket science but it is a study of sorts. Do it right and you'll wind up with a healthier kitchen and a cheaper food bill. Easy stuff. As easy as going to the store and picking up a loaf of bread.

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