Friday, July 30, 2010

Vegan Barbecues

Vegan and barbecue somehow don't go together in the same sentence yet that's not true. Even meat free eaters can enjoy every summer treat a meat lover can. It's easy. To sum it up in one word tofu. There are so many tofu products right now that any vegetarian could have a better barbecue than any carnivore right now.

Luckily the variety of veggie burgers has increased over the last decade. Years ago they only came in one tasteless flavor. Now the patties taste like actual patties and have extras such as salsa , basil, black bean, tomato and even soy cheddar cheese thrown in.Some even have an already grilled taste. Add some ketchup, onions and tomato and you have a regular burger. Even better is that you can fools guests into thinking they're eating Angus beef when in fact they're gobbling down the very healthy good for them soy.

Not to be out done but some companies like the truly vegan Morning Star Farms have hot dogs too. Put these on the grill and they taste like Nathan's real beef kind. Granted they're not as juicy but the texture isn't bad and the ends do get nice and crispy if you split them. There are also ribs and chicken patties for variation along with Morning Star's newest creation the turkey burger. All of these are great for the barbecue and would make for tasty filling meals.

Yes , vegans can have a great time barbecuing. It's easy thanks to the wide array of soy products out there. In fact they might even convert a few carnivores during a grilling spree.

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